Excerpt from Novel in Progress

[This an excerpt from the novel Patricia Lynden is working on.]

womanOutside on Sixth Avenue Lucy was surprised to see that the sun had set. She looked around, then up to the tops of the office buildings whose silhouettes were still visible against the darkening sky. As she had many times, she wondered why no one ever turned off the lights in those offices and what went on in them all night long. She laughed softly to herself and thought 'They're so beautiful.' The night air was chilly but she felt warm from the whiskey and the cold air against her cheeks made her feel alert and cleansed. While Joe stood in the street looking for a cab Lucy watched the people passing on the sidewalk -- late office workers rushing home, couples starting out on dates, people walking along without any apparent purpose except to enjoy the fall evening. What was it about scenes like this that made her love New York so much? For all its madness, all the times it exhausted her and made her furious, the city had an energy and a beautiful coherence and purpose, like a great intelligent being. New York was demanding and hard-edged and sometimes mean, but it was also warm and embracing and generous -- more than willing to give a niche to anyone who loved it. And Lucy loved it, more tonight than she ever had. 'I'll be fine,' she said to herself.


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